Bensinger Ibex 3.1

6 distinct trims of the Bensinger Ibex model (1.6L, GTI, Country, Polizei, Group 2 Asphalt & Rally)

  1. Mod bug fix (spawning, paint and tow hitch)

    (Update 3.1 fixed random trim spawning when double clicking model, now the 1.6l spawns as default. fixed car always spawning with default colour even when choosing a different one and paint reverting to default when resetting the car. fixed missing tow hitch on the Country trim)
  2. Mod quality update (PBR, configurations and gauges)

    (Update 3.0 updated to the PBR materials. added: every trim as a configuration instead of different cars, working gauges, light up gauges, working steering wheels, shift light for the race configurations, default tyre textures)
  3. Mod quality update (sounds)

    (Update 2.2 added: fuel tank, interior shift light and straight cut gear sound for group 2 models
    improved: engine and exhaust sounds, standard I4 and race I4 sounds)
  4. Mod quality update (roofbars)

    (Update 2.1 added: optional roof bars with generic loads in the parts menu for the 1.6L, GTI and Country.
    fixed: missing fixture on the Ibex Country)
  5. Mod expansion update (Police, Track and Rally)

    (Update 2.0 added: Police, Track and Rally version of the Ibex.
    added: working siren and police lights)
  6. Mod quality update (weight fix)

    (Update 1.2 added: correct low and high beam function, Beamng license plates, optional tow hitch in parts menu, interior sounds.
    fixed: weight being ~100kg too low in the last update, low beam light texture)
  7. Mod quality update (interior camera)

    (Update 1.1 added: Interior camera, yellow hue headlights, descriptions and thumbnails, Unbreakable interior parts)
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