Belasco International Motor Show 2.0

The perfect venue to check what's new in '91!

  1. The Big Overhaul

    • Added new stands:
      • Soliad: Featuring 6 Wendover models.
      • Bruckell: Featuring 4 LeGran sedan models and 3 Wagons.
    • Shortened the Gavril stand to make room for the new stands, adjusting items and cars to the new dimensions and positions.
    • Fixed normals and textures issues in the Gavril and ETK stands.
    • Added license plates for the Moonhawk and Bluebuck.
    • Fixed typo for the Pessima Showroom License Plate.
    • Scenario Updates:
      • Added all the new cars.
      • Removed the default drivable Covet in scenario to save a tiny bit of brute car loading (from 76 all the way down to 75)
      • Adjusted height of each car so tires don't clip through the ground.
      • Raised platform in the Ibishu stand for the blue racing Miramar so the Pigeon under it fits better.
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