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  1. Honest Nick

    Hello everyone. I returned to the forum, and I hasten to lay out my deposits of mods.
    This is a Belacso City & County Fire Departments skins for Gavril Roamer. In fact, this mod was made in December, but the interest to BeamNG fell from me, and the mod was not laid out. Now, I hasten to catch up!

    Belasco City FD skins based on mix of Washington D.C. and San Francisco Fire Department. Have 2 different variants of battalion numbers and also EMS and SO units.
    Belaco County FD skins based on Los Angeles County Fire Department, but with white roof. Have 4 different variants of battalion numbers.

    screenshot_00425.png screenshot_00432.png screenshot_00423.png screenshot_00441.png screenshot_00442.png screenshot_00447.png

    This pack includes:
    Gavril Roamer BCFD (Battalions 3, 7, EMS-6 and Spec.Ops.-1):

    Gavril Roamer BCoFD (Battalions 1,7, 8, 10):

    I hope you enjoy this mod.

    P.S. Жулик c World of Mods - не воруй! ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. videogame king
    videogame king
    Version: v 0.5
  2. Def2004
    Version: v 0.5
    Maybe a skin for the ETK 6000 truck mod
  3. PanSosna
    Version: v 0.5
    Cool, but you can add more skins (for example - Fire Van)
    1. Honest Nick
      Author's Response
      In next update! Thanks. :)
  4. cookies and milk
    cookies and milk
    Version: v 0.5
    nice recreation of los angeles county FD. Being a Californian myself I can confirm this
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