Beta Beater Engine AND Transmission Mod Pack 3.0 dawg!!!

Beaterized versions of modded car engines AND NOW some transmissions, too!!!

  1. Added sooooooooooooo many things, man it's been a while

    Too lazy to format this better so here's a list of new things added since I last updated this thing, and then a bunch of pictures at the end lol

    • 1969 Toyota Corolla Sprinter
    • Bitron B2
    • Crappy automatic tranny and more stuff for the Fait Uno
    • Moonhawk i4
    • ETK-I Series 4cyl
    • 1.1L Pessima GV engine
    • Hirochi Sunburst Start (comes with bad tranny in LHD and RHD!)
    • Gavril Gladiator/Dodge Coronet i4
    • Ibishu Kashira Gen 2 (With custom skin!)
    • Toyota AE86
    • Fort...
  2. Added a bunch more mod car engines AAAND TRANSMISSIONS!!!

    • Beater FIAT125p MYFIAT.png
    • Beater Maluch Diesel_Beater.png
    • Beater Kashira Gen 2 GHETTOBEATER.png
    • Beater engines for Roth Alpha

    I will, of course, also update the description with the new pictures and also links to the cars I've added modded engines and some transmissions for so...
  3. Added LADA 2107 beater 658cc engine w/ config

    Здравствуйте, comrade! The original mod by Nekkit can be found here. I'll also - like usual - update the mod description properly. Cheers!

  4. Added 2 new vehicles (and I'll update the description accordingly, too)

    Some more beater engines are now available! You can now beater-ize the following mod vehicles:

    -Ibishu Dove (the pigeon spinoff)
    -Satsuma 210
    (includes config!)

    So what are you waiting for? If you haven't downloaded yet, now's your chance to get in on it and then say that you liked this mod before it became popular!
  5. Quick Additions

    Oh no! I forgot to put the beaterized Pessima GV 1.1L Engine in the .zip! I've corrected that now, though! Also updating the description in response to the fact that I've also forgotten to mention that there's also a beaterized newer Pessima (midsize) diesel engine!

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