Experimental beagle liberator 1.0

a 3 in 1 car pack

  1. petrol head fan 1986
    hi there user. so this is the beagle liberator. a 1973 to 75 full size sedan/cabriolet car that weights more that a ton

    View attachment 815691
    this is the super sport version can reach 200 km/h (or more) has a front lip and turn singnals for omolacion reasons

    View attachment 815692
    it has a 7.0 v8 twin turbo engine producing 750 hp(apox) and a 4 speed manual for race (or drag)

    View attachment 815693
    a race inpired side with 19 inc steel wheels and sport compound for better grip

    View attachment 815694
    it has a big wing and a unique tailight that will be used in the soliad wendover 7 years later for the facelift model . a usa license plate, a rear difusor with dual round exhaust pipes

    View attachment 815695
    this is the fuel economy model.because the oil crisis this was his solution. the front turn signals are removed.for better Aerodynamic

    View attachment 815698
    the rear is basicaly the same as the ss model but with no wing no difusor and a dual exhaust pipe

    View attachment 815699
    the side has only one mirror and 16 inc tires whit long duration eco

    View attachment 815700
    it has a 5.0 inline 6 with a 4 barrer carburador that makes 160 hp for fuel economy and a 4 speed manual transmision

    View attachment 815701
    this is the comfort model. the front has a front second grille and turn signals

    View attachment 815702
    the side has a chrome mirror a antena for the am radio and a the best thing is that is convertible with a white roof
    View attachment 815703
    the rear is the same as the other two but has a rear reverse light and dual exhauts pipes

    View attachment 815704
    it has a 7.9 v8 and dual carburetors that make 330 hp and a 3 speed automatic transmision for confort and smooth rides
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