BDMC XJR15 3.1

Confronted by the technical successes of the Mclaren F1, rightly so

  1. G-Farce
    Burnout Dominator Motor Corp.

    A little inspo from Mclaren and a Little from Jaguar. Not as fast but just as fun!

    Been in the works since Pre-Corona, last year, this time I ripped it out of the barn and overhauled the entire thing from paint to fixtures to suspension and turned it mid-engined too. This is one of the best suspensions I have ever made it is dialled into perfection for its era, we can be dirty on the deets but I'll throw it no earlier than 1985-1996

    This is not a replica, nor is it based on one. It is an alternate reality concept.

    And a fun one at that, with gracious torque and True driving dynamics that will make your jaw drop. Pulls 1.35g in the corners provided the talent.
    The faintest of hints at Hotwheels Prototype 12
    A concept with a little of this and that. Excels at cruising and a purist handling experience, with unreal stopping power. This machine may very well out-break and out-manoveur a Mclaren F1
    Works fantastically with ESC turned off, even on a DS4 controller! Equipped with a Differential locking switch.


    Watch this space for content updates and formatting.
    Below is my other cars, unreleased. Yes that is an AE86 truck, with a little editing, I was able to get it to wheel-hop around some corners. If that's the correct term for 3 wheeling on demand...


    1. screenshot_2020-02-02_08-26-23.jpg
    2. 20200130014828_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. ESC,TCS, ABS 3.1 update

Recent Reviews

  1. MaxedOut1
    Version: 3.1
    Absolutely amazing! You really managed to capture the feel of a 90's supercar! The 90's XJR-15/F1-esque design and the handling is spot on! Had a lot of fun driving this thing!
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! It's not a replica but I did try to hone it in my own way and give off some of those vibes!
  2. TheCrySick
    Version: 3.1
    Like always with your cars, this one as an extremly original design and a perfect handling! Nice job! :)
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      :) Glad you liked this one! Let me know what you think I should improve on apart from gearing! (my choice)
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