Bastava YuuY Greatest Value 6.9

A Yugo, for the modern man (Mr. Lutton, here it is)

  1. RogueSoldier152
    The masterpiece is here. A 2020 "rendition" of the beloved Yugo. Much like the Yugo, it has large panel gaps and spotty build quality. Unlike the Yugo, it is constructed out of carbon fiber, and has a mid-mounted V10 from an F1 car, producing close to 1100 BHP. However, the exterior is mostly unchanged, only getting wider fender flares, lowered, and a longer wheelbase. An extra large rear-view mirror is fitted, so you can see who you are absolutely shredding by at 240 mp/h. Did I also mention it weighs a hair over 1500lbs? The Bastava YuuY is a car to fear, inside and out.

Recent Reviews

  1. TurdGenCamaro
    Version: 6.9
    A masterpiece of modern time.
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