Barstow Engines for the Moonhawk 1.1.0

Adds all of the Barstow engines to the Moonhawk.

  1. 0.10 Update Overhaul

    This update makes the following changes:
    - Adds the new engine sounds.
    - Adds the new shifting logic to the transmissions.
    - Adds the new flywheel system to the powertrain.
    - Incorporates some new Jbeam code from the 0.10 update.
    - Fixes incorrect supercharger valve rotation.
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  2. General Tweaks

    This update makes the following changes:
    - Radiator tubes now connect to the radiator.
    - Driveshaft now connects to the transmission.
    - Radiator tubs now deform during collisions.
    - V8 Exhaust headers are now properly aligned with the cylinders.
  3. Future Proofing

    - Removed duplicate meshes that may cause conflict in the future.
    - Tweaked jbeam to remove some errors.
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