Barstow Configurations from the Movie "Bullitt" 1.2

Based on the Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang from "Bullitt"

  1. Heavy Duty Leaf Springs Working Again

    F150 Ranger
    This version brings back the correct heavy duty leaf spring rear suspension to these cars as BeamNG Drive's update fixed the issues with these components caused by This version does keep the improvement I made in 1.1 where I removed the lettering from the hoods of the cars.
  2. Corrects issues caused by update

    F150 Ranger
    This version corrects the issue with the rear suspension that arose with the recent update. It replaces the leaf spring suspension on the "Mustang" with 4-link and removes the now troublesome components of the rear leaf spring suspension on the "Charger". While this is less accurate than the previous version at least the wheels won't break off immediately anymore. This version also removes the lettering from the hood making these look closer to the movie cars....
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