Bag o' Donuts 1.0

A pack of 3 scenarios, all about drifting in the abandoned port

  1. Skirmisher
    It's drift time at the old port. Get ready to tear up the streets concrete and spin in circles through these three scenarios!

    Do, Like, 5 Donuts
    Literally what the title says. Slide around a big fuel tank in a drifty Grand Marshal.
    screenshot_00035.png screenshot_00043.png screenshot_00037.png screenshot_00038.png

    Dual Donuts
    There are two of those fuel tanks. Drift around both of them, in a much more powerful car! (Just don't wreck on those ramps.)
    screenshot_00031.png screenshot_00032.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00034.png

    Donut Mayhem
    Navigate the junk lying around the grounds, with only an unwieldy, supercharged, well-worn van at your disposal. [I know the stretched ramp texture looks weird, but otherwise there are ~normal~ ramps in the way that get really annoying.]
    screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00029.png

    As a bonus, all of these scenarios contain unnecessarily elaborate custom finish messages that react to how well you performed!

    I am deeply sorry for the lettering on the license plates.
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Recent Reviews

  1. YoMaaan
    Version: 1.0
    Absolutely love it :D
    Please make more :)
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