B25 Mitchell 6.0

Iconic WWII allied medium bomber

  1. Joelvb
    Controller or Joystick recommended

    Thanks to Diamondback, B25Mitch and others for helping to revive the B25. Thanks to PrimeTheBomber for letting us use his liveries.
    New Editions:

    • added flaps
    • new sounds
    • dual engine and variable prop. pitch control
    • bomb and lua tweaks
    • new brake code
    • adjusted flight beheavior
    • introduced livery system
    • fixed exhaust and thermals
    • added fuel tanks with variable amounts of fuel
    • reduced instabilities and overall jbeam rework
    • added stall values and adjusted lift and drag
    • added support for generic surface controller
    • added lights back
    • two new configs (arcade and realistic)
    INFORMATION (please read before posting questions):


    When spawning look for the motor rpm to stabilize, if they are slowing down hold V to restart the engines. Now you are ready to fly.

    How to fly:

    With the aircraft on the runway, Press M for Setting the flaps to takeoff position. Then Throttle up with T while Holding Z to hold position(Rb when using an Xbox Controller). Release the Brakes when the engine holds a steady Rpm.

    At 180km/h or above, pull up gently and take off. If using an XBox controller, pull the left stick down only half way to avoid a stall.

    The aircraft will try to nose down with the gear extended due to drag. Once above 220km/h, raise the gear by pressing N. When the aircraft reaches 300km/h, it will fly straight and level without input. At speeds above 300km/h negative pitch will be necessary to maintain level flight. Top speed is approximately 450km/h. Avoid full-deflection manoeuvring above 350km/h as this may result in structural damage. Instead, use half-strength control inputs (if using an XBox controller). If you pull more than 4 G structural weakening will occur, and at 6G your wings will rip off.


    Reduce power to 30% and when reaching 250 Km/h press N to extend the landing gear
    and M for extending the flaps to landing position once. This will slow the aircraft down to around 200km/h. When you are at the landing strip, press G till the engine reaches to 2k rpm to select idle throttle. Pull up to maintain a gradual rate of descent.
    If airspeed falls below 180km/h, press T to increase power, and then G again to resume gliding. Flare before touch down to avoid wheel or gear strut damage. Aim to touch down at 165-180km/h. Once on the runway, press Z once to activate wheel brakes.


    Taxiing is accomplished by alternatively pressing T and G to keep speed below 50km/h.Try to avoid long periods of acceleration as the plane reaches high speeds fast. As in real life, there is no nosewheel steering so wheel brakes are essential for turning at low speeds. To make a full 180 degree turn, reduce speed to 10km/h, set idle throttle (G), turn fully to the left or right. The aircraft will pivot on the locked wheel and the nose wheel will caster. After the turn ensure the nose wheel is straight by taxiing forwards a few metres.


    Select 4x500lb bombs from the Ordinance slot in the Ctrl-W parts menu. Open the bomb bay doors using , and press . to release bombs one at a time. Bombs will arm in mid-air when a certain distance from the aircraft, but may still be close enough to cause damage so ensure sufficient altitude to clear the blast. You can also try skip-bombing by releasing at very low altitude such that the bomb hits the ground before arming and embeds itself in the target from the side. The bomb will then explode after you overfly the target.

    Controls list:
    Starting up/shutting down Motors : V

    Pitch up: mouse up(thumbstick down on XBox controller)
    Pitch down: mouse down(thumbstick up on XBox controller)

    Roll/Yaw left: mouse left(thumbstick left on Xbox controller)
    Roll/Yaw right: mouse right(thumbstick right on XBox controller)

    Throttle : T
    Throttle : G

    Trim up : home key
    Trim down : end key

    Trim toggle mode : delete
    for trimming left and right

    Trim left : (Trim toggle mode) and left
    Trim right : (Trim toggle mode) and right

    Wheel brakes on: Z (toggle)

    Toggle Flaps : M

    Landing lights : O
    Navigation Lights : P

    Left wheel brakes: left arrow (while slowly moving)
    Right wheel brakes: right arrow (while slowly moving)

    Landing gear retract: N
    Landing gear extend: N

    Bomb bay doors open: , (toggle)

    Bomb release: . (1 press = 1 bomb, 2 presses = 2 bombs, etc.) Use the Ctrl-W parts menu to load bombs.

    Enter cockpit view: C (this cycles between pilots seat, nose gunner relative, and chase view)

Recent Updates

  1. New Aircooled engines

Recent Reviews

  1. Velvetybean
    Version: 6.0
    I have a issue that with I crash the plane on full throttle when I respawn it the plane is now non controllable do you have any fixies for this?
  2. Discorded Passion
    Discorded Passion
    Version: 6.0
    at first I was like


    then I was like

  3. Amajestictaco
    Version: 6.0
    I have one issue with this, when you put up the landing gear it creates a very loud sound. Upon looking at the landing gear, when its put up it seems that each of them are clipping through parts of the plane. Is there any way you could fix this. Other that that the plane is very fun to fly.
  4. XxRawBeefConsumerxX
    Version: 6.0
    Very good mod bro but is it scaled or 1:1?
  5. Carghai74
    Version: 6.0
    very good fun!
  6. zombie_gaming98
    Version: 6.0
    It’s a good mod, but since 0.20 I’ve been having texture problems, and everytime I crash the plane into water it says instability detected and brings me back to where I spawned. Overall it’s a good plane. Though I will give 4 stars until the bugs are fixed.
  7. Opteryx
    Version: 6.0
    Great mod and my favorite plane to fly. However, it would be nice if the prop hubs and shafts were stronger as they blow apart when they are at redline rotation speed.
  8. BNG-FUN
    Version: 6.0
    It's an amazing mod - I just seem to be having an issue since the 0.20 update where some interior textures are missing. Other than that, it still works!

    I tried clearing cache, disabling all other mods, re-downloading, etc. but it still seems to be happening. Hopefully there will be a fix :)
  9. lololol132
    Version: 6.0
    Only 1 issue - when I retract the landing gear it starts making a a weird impacting noise. How do I fix this?
    1. Joelvb
      Author's Response
      It is a known issue. Thank you for reporting it. As I am rebuilding many parts of the aircraft, it will be fixed in the process
  10. Zoqibo
    Version: 6.0
    everything is fine... but... HOW TO TURN WHEELS, I CAN'T TURN THEM WTF
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