Experimental AWD Pack for RWD vehicles 5.0.1

AWD transfercase for RWD only cars.

  1. Moonhawk fix

    Now the transfercase should appear for the Moonhawk.
  2. Big Update

    *AWD System added to the Miramar, Moonhawk, and the Bolide;
    *Modern front and rear differentials for the Bolide (requires DSE to work);
    *Custom transfer cases with all options of Center diffs are now available to all vanilla AWD cars;
    *Custom AWD Hi/Lo transfer cases (with range box) are now available to the Pickup, Roamer, Van and Hopper with multiple options of Low range ratios, including the Low range deletion, for your On-road builds (for this, I got inspiration and parts of...
  3. Barstow Update

    Changes in 4.0:
    *Barstow added;
  4. IRS hotfix

    Just a Hotfix for the IRS Fullsize.
  5. Burnside Update

    Changes in 3.0:
    *Burnside Special added;
    *Now the mod is compatible with Fullsize IRS mod;
    *The standard center diffs are now more fitting with each car (Bluebuck and Burnside use the Open Center Diff, while the 200BX and Grand Marshal use the Viscous one).
  6. 200BX Update


    *200BX is now compatible;
    *Reorganized the files from the mod, making the center differential common to the compatible vehicles;
    *Revised the Viscous Center Differential, now with the same stats from the ETK I-Series.

    I don't know if I needed @D-Troxx 's permission to make this mod compatible with his IRS mod for the Fullsize. If he review this with that permission, I'll make a hotfix making my mod compatible with his mod.
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