Experimental Avalanche Climb 0.8.1

A hill to climb and a bunch of scenarios that pit you against cascading objects.

  1. Content update

    Changed rocks in the road to be smaller
    Modified the road
    Added mud to the road
    Added 2 new scenarios with more sizes of rocks
    Changed scenario 7 to single rocks rather than rock stacks
    Tidied up description and name text
  2. Map update

    Thanks again to Torsion for his advice on this project. Whilst I couldn't implement all of his great suggestions, I have improved a few things.

    Added small rocks to the surface of the road
    Added some crannies to the surface of the road
    Modified some areas of the terrain
    Fixed syntax errors with the dummy cars

    I was unable to convert the scenarios into time trials but it still may be possible.
  3. Teleport fix

    After a long time of not knowing why the teleporting system was only working some of the time, GamerGull informed me why. The triggers were set to center activation rather than overlap activation. I am told that there might have been an issue moving between updates that has effected the 'center' option of the trigger activation types, but 'overlap' activates if something collides anywhere in the trigger zone, so it really doesn't make a difference for the purpose.
    Thank you very much...
  4. No more player teleport

    I have added a bit of code to the trigger script..
    if data.event == \'enter\' and data.subjectName ~= \'scenario_player0\' then\n
    This stops the player from teleporting to the top.

    Thanks to Ryvylo for giving me the code to make it possible. Any help on my work is very welcome.
  5. Preview pic update

    Updated the preview pic for the map
  6. Map rework and tidy and Pigeons

  7. map update

    Made another pass on the terrain
    Added more grass and trees
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