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Beta Automatic Transmissions for Autobello Piccolina .7

For when you need both hands on the wheel

  1. Slight overhaul to normal trans, big overhaul to drag trans

    • Played around with shifting for regular transmissions
    • Added a low-output converter for engines like the 1.3 (theoretically the 1.1 should be less awful now too)
    • Split drag transmission into its own file
    • Greatly overhauled drag converters
  2. The Great Rework-ening

    Long time no see, eh? I know it's been an obscene amount of time since the last update, but it hasn't been for nothing. I've never been happy with the state of these autos, and I figure what better way to make them better than to spend a lot of time playing around with automatic transmissions in the game. I've spent a downright silly amount of time just making trannies for the hell of it for personal use (a great example of this would be the 4R75E paired with the 4.6L I made for the Grand...
  3. Initial Torque Converter Overhaul

    • Initial TC overhaul with more polish to follow later
  4. Minor changes

    • Minor torque converter logic tweaks to prepare for planned overhaul of shift logic soon™
  5. .16 compatibility and 3 speed

    • Updated for .16 so the 3.07 is back
    • Added 3 speed auto
  6. Two-Speed Slushomatic

    Delayed because I lost the folder, oopsie. Something of note is the torque converter is extremely slippy with my 1.7L mod, just haven't decided if I want to make the current TC a bit better or add a second one.

    • Added two-speed (not suitable for the 1.1, as per usual).
    • Slightly tweaked shifting for other trannies.
    • Tweaked trannies + torque converters to try and reduce rev hang in neutral/park.
  7. Small things

    Attempted fix for 4 speed erroring out, as well as a slight tweak for the 6 speeds gearing. Bigger update coming soon.
  8. 4-Speed Automatic

    Added 4-speed automatic.
  9. 5 speed drag transmission

    Added a 5 speed drag transmission.
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