Aufi Le Mans Quattra 2.0 - 1 Year anniversary

An Audi Le Mans Quattro replica. The R8 concept. 100% german (kinda). -ADDED TUNING OPTIONS!

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Now to top it off, here is the last of the 3 Audi conceps from 2003.
    Most of you probably dont know it. Its ok tho
    The Aufi Le Mans Quattra.
    Also Special thanks to FAILRACE for his Gran Turismo 4 streams! Without those, these weird and wonderful cars wouldnt exist in Beamng!

    As you probably know, Ive been replicating all 3 Aufi Concept cars from 2003.
    This is the last one and certainly an achievment together with the other 2.
    The Le Mans is a 610hp 4WD German Supercar concept that lets the company go into a new aera of car design and building.
    As a concept car does, it featured some pretty neat stuff, such as LED lights and an active Wing and a lot of other cool stuff.
    The 5 liter Bi Turbo V10 engine is provided by Lamborhini. The same engine, just without the Turbos, is going into the Lamborhini Gallardo.
    HighresScreenshot00288.png HighresScreenshot00291.png HighresScreenshot00294.png
    This is a pretty accurate representation of the original
    tuning.png u13.png
    Performance stats
    0-100km/h in 2.93 Seconds

    610 Horsepower at 5700rpm
    Top Speed of 335km/h
    Redline at 7500rpm
    Weight of 1527kg
    (Horsepower can be boosted)​

    HighresScreenshot00293.png HighresScreenshot00292.png HighresScreenshot00299.png
    Here you can see the LED Lights, that are made out of 106 Individual components. Also the fin on the side actually is a Vent!
    HighresScreenshot00290.png HighresScreenshot00295.png
    Some more looks at the details

    Now to the
    Quirks and Features
    *Doug Demuro intensifies*

    A 5.0 Liter TT V10 engine
    A Mid Engine AWD Layout
    The famous Quatta drive system
    126 detachable parts!!

    Double Wishbone (F)
    Double Wishbone (R)

    screenshot_00036.png screenshot_00037.png screenshot_00038.png
    Here you can see the 126 detachable parts in action.
    Its Very VERY fun to crash!
    screenshot_00039.png screenshot_00040.png screenshot_00035.png
    Here You may see the Beauty in BeamNG! Also make sure to download the other 2 cars!
    HighresScreenshot00296.png HighresScreenshot00298.png

    Here you can see the Heart of the car: a 5.0l TT V10 engine
    HighresScreenshot00300.png HighresScreenshot00301.png
    An overview of all the fixtures

    Anyway, Have fun with your new Concept replica(s)!:D

    Please leave a rating if you enjoy this replica!


    1. HighresScreenshot00297.png

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  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Guy i tell you one word

    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      I think you love my creations ^^
      Check out the replica pack to get the full fantasticness!
      Thanks for the rating, its much apprechiated :D
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