Alpha asf Basher Special 1.0

nothing will get in your way again

  1. asf2424
    Your one-car roadblock is here.

    Built as the SUV to (quite literally) end all SUVs.

    Equipped with an 8-speed advanced automatic transmission mounted to a 1,867 HP twin-turbo V8, all-wheel drive, 16-inch 6-piston carbon ceramic brakes and a hand-made, luxurious interior, you can't be stopped. Not even when your car weighs over 7,000 pounds.

    This automotive masterpiece from 2018 has a 0-60 of a whopping ~3-4 seconds and will make easy work of virtually anything you throw at it.

    Simple construction of the chassis makes it easy to repair, making it a great option for police work. Getting away just got a whole lot harder.

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