Arrow Photia 1.0

Sporty Boxer 6 Coupe

  1. beamng.lover
    Type: 2 Door Coupe
    Chassis: Monocoque / Carbon Fibre Panels
    Gearbox: 8 Adv. Automatic
    Redline: 7,000 RPM
    Weight: 1,691 kg (63% Front, 37% Rear)
    Suspension: Double Wishbone (F) MultiLink (R)
    Fuel System: Turbo Direct Injection
    Test Track Time (Airfield): 1 min 23s
    Engine: 4,552cc Boxer 6
    Power: 424.4 hp @ 6,000 RPM
    Top Speed (That I could get it to): 282 km/h
    0-60km/h Time: Approx. 3.7s
    0-100km/h Time: Approx. 5.5s


    1. screenshot_00032.png
    2. screenshot_00033.png
    3. screenshot_00034.png
    4. screenshot_00035.png
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