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Outdated arnok's Race and Chase Scenario Pack 1.0.3

A collection of race and chase scenarios set in Utah, ECUSA, WCUSA and Italy.

  1. azkavabK's Race and Chase Scenario Pack Update #2 - Ciao, Italia

    First of all, sorry for the long delay. The second update for aKRCSP has finally arrived introducing 7 brand new Italy scenarios which are listed below: -

    Race scenarios:
    1. ITALY RACE - 1
    2. ITALY RACE - 2
    Chase scenarios:
    1. ITALY CHASE - 1
    2. ITALY CHASE - 2
    3. ITALY CHASE - 3
    4. ITALY CHASE - 4
    Also, there are again some major/minor changes done with these 2 scenarios: -...
  2. azkavabK's Race and Chase Scenario Pack Update #1

    • The AI navpath used to show up in West Coast Chase - 1 after hitting checkpoint 14. Now, it is disabled.
    • Utah Chase - 2 received major change. Hirochi Sunburst Police is now replaced with Ibishu 200BX Police coupe.
    • End Result texts updated in the race scenarios (it used to show "won" or "lost") and few in chase scenarios!
    • Also, in the races if you came in first position the rest of the opponents will go KA-BOOM and vice versa
  3. azkavabK's Race and Chase Scenario Pack

    • Unmatched scenario descriptions which are now fixed.
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