Outdated arnok's Race and Chase Scenario Pack 1.0.3

A collection of race and chase scenarios set in Utah, ECUSA, WCUSA and Italy.

  1. azkavabK's Race and Chase Scenario Pack Update #2 - Ciao, Italia

    First of all, sorry for the long delay. The second update for aKRCSP has finally arrived introducing 7 brand new Italy scenarios which are listed below: -

    Race scenarios:
    1. ITALY RACE - 1
    2. ITALY RACE - 2
    Chase scenarios:
    1. ITALY CHASE - 1
    2. ITALY CHASE - 2
    3. ITALY CHASE - 3
    4. ITALY CHASE - 4
    Also, there are again some major/minor changes done with these 2 scenarios: -

    UTAH CHASE - 2: This scenario has been updated thrice. Many players had trouble catching this suspect in Bruckell Moonhawk Race with the Ibishu. Don't worry! The Ibishu 200BX is now... again replaced with Hirochi Sunburst with a new livery for the suspect. You can say the scenario is restored back in original form, like the way it was before in version 1.0.1.​

    WEST COAST CHASE - 2: The taxi previously was Grand Marshal which is replaced by Burnside (crazy burnside, i mean). Aggression values are tweaked a little so that it behaves like a crazy taxi. :p
    *NEW EASTER EGGS, names & a hidden reference.

    and that's it!​

    If you still found any difficulties in the scenarios or any bugs, let me know in the discussion thread!

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