AP Van Turbo 0.1

Looks like a van, runs like a gazelle.

    So, the second automation mod that i make is another van.
    And i have brought my own company. "AP" that stands for Automobile of Performance or Auper for short.
    This "THICC BOI" here powered with i6 3.0l engine with special tuning. You should try it. But it comes with an automatic transmission since it's a "working" vehicle. PM me if you want the manual transmission.

    So, it's kinda have bouncy suspension and have nice performance.

    Maybe, fancy some PICS?
    Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png Screenshot_12.png Screenshot_13.png Screenshot_14.png Screenshot_15.png Screenshot_16.png

    Please review it and use discussion tab for reporting problems. Thanks


    1. HighresScreenshot00001.png
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