Anarchy, Rascal 1.4

A Fun Gokart and Shifter Kart.

  1. Halcyon80
    Ever wanted to own a Anarchy brand car, be the center of attention for your whole neighborhood, but just couldn't afford one? Well, today is your lucky day, because you still can't! You can own a go-kart though.
    The Rascal wasn't supposed to exist, but it does now so everyone on earth has to deal with it.
    Modeled after a realistic go-kart

    (to some extent) the Rascal features everything you need in a fun go-kart, a rear welded differential and drivetrain, brakes only in the rear (for that awesome wheel lock pivot) and a first person camera (By @TheCrySick ) to enjoy it all up close!
    Super cheap, super fun, and it only kills you if you're going too fast! What else could you ask for, right?
    It has slick tires too, for whatever reason it would matter in this thing.
    Oh yeah, and there's a shifter Kart variant, made to bring the racer out of you! It comes with a more powerful engine, sequential gears, and an actual differential!!
    (Wow the technology!). Nevertheless, you'll be going 100mph in a bite-sized deathtrap, so keep that in mind.

    Ex Animo

    Detailed Stats:
    (unfortunately, making the weight realistic is super hard, without fine tuning literally over 1,000 variables, soo I just scaled up the power and everything a bit to match, still drives realistically though)

    Regular Ver:
    Engine: Possum 200cc

    54 Bhp
    (Scaled up)
    42 lb-ft Torque (Scaled up)
    200cc Naturally Aspirated Inline 3
    7,700 Rpm Redline

    1 Geared Manual Transmission

    (Automatic gearbox mode recommended unless you have access to precise clutch control, like a pedal)

    53 Mph Top Speed (85 Kph)
    0-60: Infinity and Beyond!

    Welded Rear Differential

    Shifter Ver:
    Engine: Ratta 300cc

    83 Bhp (Scaled up)
    57 lb-ft Torque (Scaled up)
    300cc Naturally Aspirated Inline 3
    9,000 Rpm Redline

    6 Geared Sequential Transmission

    119 Mph Top Speed (192 Kph)
    0-60: 6 Seconds

    Limited Slip Rear Differential

    Universal Values:

    Full Slick Compound Tires
    Mid-Engine Transverse RWD

    1,236 lbs
    (Scaled up)
    561 Kg

    No Suspension, and Rear brakes Only.

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDig
    Version: 1.4
    Hello, I tested your car on different tracks and there's my conclusion about this car:
    It's very fun indeed, but textures feels like need some reworking, to work normally. It doesn't drive on a dragstrip at all, especially geared version, because it pulls to the right so much. Still I could do some decent results on this kart. Breaking needs to be increased for sure.
  2. callumw1801
    Version: 1.4
    still WIP for sure but great so far, moving nodes for the steering would be great and using the single geared transmition it is near impossible to start moving without arcade gearbox
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!

      I agree, making the steering wheel move would be great, but It's very hard to do atm (aka, I have no idea how to XD).
      But I'll see what I can do for the single gear's engine stalling.
  3. RobloxFan2
    Version: 1.4
    just like mario kart
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