Anarchy, Mako GT 1.2

Supersport Sedan With True Active-Suspension and Hydraulics.

  1. Halcyon80
    A shark
    A killer
    A freak of nature
    Meet the Mako.


    The Mako is for those who need functionality, and want the speed. Whether you're making a simple city commute, trying to have a little fun on the highway, or perhaps want to go all out on the track, you can do it all to the fullest.

    Introducing a newly developed ESC and suspension system
    , the Mako is ahead in technology to even many performance supercars. This new ESC system boasts 4 different drive modes for any mood you might be having. Though that's just the beginning...
    This advanced ESC limits turbo pressure and power in Comfort mode and makes the shocks and sway bars softer for a more comfortable ride, but in Race mode It unleashes all it's pent-up power and stiffens the dampers and sway bars significantly, and even activates a 2 Step launch control system!


    And lastly, It uses a Lift-able suspension system, allowing you to press a button, and slam it to the ground. Very useful for showcases or extreme drivers, though perhaps not for casual, or even sane driving.
    Not to mention It's sharp looks aswell (especially in red), carefully designed and tuned for a variety of skill levels, beginners and pros alike, with a first person camera to boot!
    Expect to see this technology in an upcoming mod by @TheCrySick for all automation cars to use!

    Mako, the Apex predator

    Ex Animo

    Revolutionary Beamng mod for all automation cars!:

    Detailed Stats:

    -Note, the badges won't appear correctly Ingame, the modder who made those fixtures didn't quite make them for use in beam...-

    *Use "I" and "O" key binds to raise/lower suspension, but keep in mind it affects oversteer greatly*

    Engine: Razer V1.87

    561 Bhp @ 9,200 Rpm
    332 lb-ft Torque @ 8,200 Rpm
    2.7 litre Twin Turbocharged 90 Degree Flat-plane V8
    Variable-Valve Length Technology
    9,600 Rpm Redline
    8 Geared Dual Clutch Transmission
    35 Mpg

    230 Mph Top Speed (370 Kph)

    0-62 Times:
    5.8 seconds (Comfort Mode)
    4 seconds (Sport Mode)
    3.4 Seconds (Race Mode)

    Adaptable Turbo PSI:
    Comfort: 3 PSI
    Sport: 11 PSI
    Race: 18 PSI

    Adaptable Damper and Sway Bar System with 3 stiffness presets (tied to esc modes).
    Race/ESC off-Hard

    2 Step Launch control:
    7,000 Rpm (Sport mode)
    9,000 Rpm (Race Mode)

    3,265 lbs / 1,481 Kg (Ingame Weight)
    ~1,300 lbs / 590 Kg Downforce (Max Speed)

    (Improved) Sport-Compound Tires
    Front-Engine Longitudinal RWD
    Electric Differential

    $130,000 Value

    62-0: ~90ft


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