Anarchy, Catalyst RX-ZERO 1.0

The 400Mph Electric Hypercar of the Future.

  1. Halcyon80
    Code: Raijin
    Catalyst RX-ZERO
    Product 0 Of Project: EVO
    Classification Level: 4

    Film Footage:

    HiResPhoto503.png HiResPhoto504.png HiResPhoto505.png HiResPhoto506.png HiResPhoto508.png HiResPhoto512.png HiResPhoto513.png HiResPhoto514.png HiResPhoto515.png HiResPhoto517.png HiResPhoto518.png HiResPhoto519.png HiResPhoto521.png HiResPhoto523.png

    The spark of the new age of high-speed prototypes, the Catalyst. The first product of the newly Initiated, Project: EVO. Working in conjunction with the Experimental division, this project's objective is to test the potential of various technological breakthroughs, through whatever means necessary. This, is just one of the advances they've made. Hundreds of tests have been attempted, (View log below) though have ultimately succeeded in it's final delivery. The project was assisted by personnel "XalinSky", a high ranking mechanical engineer, responsible for overcoming many roadblocks and various... "glitches" in the earlier prototypes. We honor your service.

    Test Log 1:

    Subject: Name: [REDACTED] Nickname: "John"
    Test 1: 7:25 AM
    "Hey, it's already hotter than hell in here, are you sure this is safe?"

    -"Probably an AC failure, continue the test and remember your training"
    -"Okay, If you say so..." (Subject accelerates to 154 MPH at a moderate pace)
    "It's getting REALLY hot in here, I'm aborting this run! [TRANSLATED MUMBLING]: (I knew I shouldn't have signed that waiver...)"
    -"Continue the test, [John], That is a direct order"
    "FINE boss, I better get a (Censored) raise after this!" (Subject accelerates to 230 MPH at a slow rate)
    - 7:27 AM: [Unknown System Error Occurs]
    "H-hey, what the (CENSORED)?? The (CENSORED) pedal's stuck!"
    -"Attempting to shut down the engine remotely, stay calm"
    -(Vehicle Accelerates to 384MPH)
    "(Incoherent screaming)"
    - 7:28 AM: [Remote Shutdown Failure]
    -(Vehicle accelerates to 460 MPH) [System Fire Detected]
    - 8 seconds later: Chassis Structural Failure Occurs.
    -Contact Lost At 541 MPH, 7:28:12 AM.
    -"Log: Test zero-zero-one: Catastrophic Failure, dispatching cleaning team to estimated crash site, I really liked "John", oh well. Notify the Captain to add a speed limiter to the next model, and inspect the climate control heater units".

    -LOG END
    -See Separate Document for Remaining test records: #002 Through #766

    Ex Animo


    Glorious Assistant Captain: XalinSky

    Motor: RAIJIN V5.8935...

    500 Megawatt Quadra Motor System.

    Tame Power:

    3,700 Bhp
    800 lb-ft Torque
    28,000 Rpm
    215 Mph Top Speed (346 Kph)
    0-62: 2.8 seconds

    Hyper power:

    6,300 Bhp
    1,150 lb-ft Torque
    30,000 Rpm
    230 Mph Top Speed (370 Kph)
    0-62: 1.5 seconds

    Unlimited Power:

    18,000 Bhp
    2,200 lb-ft Torque
    45,000 Rpm

    405 Mph Top Speed (651 Kph) (Limited, to prevent dying at a faster rate)​

    0-62: 1 second

    Other Values:

    1 Geared Advanced Automatic Transmission
    3,118 lbs/1,413 Kg (Ingame Weight)
    ~14,200 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)

    Special Slick Tires
    Mid-Engine Longitudinal
    AWD Drivetrain
    60R/40F Power Split
    Advanced Vectoring Differential
    2-Step Launch Control
    62-0: ~60ft


    1. HiResPhoto520.png
    2. HiResPhoto522.png

Recent Reviews

  1. bastion.exe
    Version: 1.0
    yes this car some unstable
  2. AlexDig
    Version: 1.0
    Hello. I'm Sorry but this car is so unstable, so I couldn't test it on any kinds of tracks for it normally, every time I reloaded the track it kept crashing my game. But from other testing i can say, that this car is so broken, it keeps shaking when it is spawned, plus when you break. But for overall performance I can say, that it turns tighter, then V10 Destroyer, so its a potential V10 destroyer competitor on tracks.

    Design and everything is very decent, thought.
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Yes, I'm still getting around to fixing it, it's complicated having so much power under any means of stability.
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