American License Plate Pack 1.0.1

Complete pack of every current US license plate!

  1. 0.15 Support Update 1

    Adds correct random number formatting for vanilla maps (California, Hawaii, Maine, and Utah) along with a few other small changes.


    screenshot_00155.jpg screenshot_00156.jpg screenshot_00157.jpg screenshot_00158.jpg screenshot_00159.jpg screenshot_00160.jpg screenshot_00161.jpg screenshot_00162.jpg screenshot_00163.jpg
  3. I'm Not Dead

    +Added 6 new plates: Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, and the much-wanted Utah.
    screenshot_00137.jpg screenshot_00138.jpg screenshot_00139.jpg
    screenshot_00140.jpg screenshot_00141.jpg screenshot_00142.jpg

    + Updated Arizona to 3M's flat font and replaced Oklahoma with the new design introduced earlier this year.
    screenshot_00136.jpg screenshot_00143.jpg
  4. 37/52: The Hijack

    Five more! Maine is set as the default for ECA and Hirochi Raceway.
    screenshot_00110.jpg screenshot_00111.jpg screenshot_00113.jpg screenshot_00114.jpg screenshot_00115.jpg
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  5. 32/51: The Smallest Update

    Second update from Googlefluff :)

    + Added 3 new plates: Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky
    25291397899_abe020b60c_o.jpg 22748460208_9978316e14_o.jpg 30891039176_ab975a8bc8_o.jpg
    ~ Fixed more mod conflict issues
  6. 29/51: The "Hey, That's An Odd Number!" Update

    This is our first update from Googlefluff! I didn't really expect a DoC plate, so now our plate count looks kinda wonky :p

    + Added 4 new plates: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, and the long awaited Hawaii
    29574144535_6186e8770a_o.jpg 29574144265_5b037d33ba_o.jpg 29284034300_c06bca2637_o.jpg 29574143935_f5983f9f0a_o.jpg
    + Made Delaware more realistic :)
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  7. 25/50: The Update No One Asked For

    + Added 5 new plates: Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania

    screenshot_00139.png screenshot_00138.png screenshot_00137.png screenshot_00141.png screenshot_00142.png
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  8. 20/50: The Hotfix Update

    + Added 5 new plates: Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire, Oklahoma
    + Added new fancy beta prefix :cool:
    ~ Fixed New Jersey plate numbers being too small
    ~ Fixed mod conflict issues
    ~ Fixed a few plates not having holes in them

    screenshot_00133.png screenshot_00135.png screenshot_00126.png screenshot_00127.png screenshot_00134.png
  9. 15/50: The First Update

    + Added 5 new plates: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Wisconsin

    screenshot_00122.png screenshot_00123.png screenshot_00124.png screenshot_00117.png screenshot_00119.png
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