Beta Altitude 1.5

Take a run in Altitude!

  1. Altitude 1.5 , multiple versions


    Hotfix for version 1.5 of Altitude :

    - Overhaul 80 % of global textures
    - Overhaul all firs normals, colors and imposters
    - Overhaul all meshes errors
    - Overhaul 70 % of meshes for optimisation
    - Overhaul ambiance lighting
    - Add 5 km of asphalt with 2 tunnels and a reservoir
    - Add the bus shelter (no collision for the moment, this mesh is a charpenter project and have no simplifications)
    - Remove the old space hole and create a new one...
  2. placeholder

  3. Altitude Released version

    This is the official released version.
    The loop around the mountain is closed, 12 km of asphalt road and 6 km of dirt road.

    * Improvements since v0.7 :

    - Add escapes for jumps.
    - Add 6 km of asphalt road with cliffs and tunels.
    - Add 2.5 km of dirt road in forest.
    - Add an arena.
    - Add a surprise end of the track!
    - Ambient sound modified.

    * known problems :
    - AI don't corss bridges and tunels.
    - Some glitch or bugs between objects and...
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