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Beta Altitude 1.5

Take a run in Altitude!

  1. Altitude 1.5 , multiple versions


    Hotfix for version 1.5 of Altitude :

    - Overhaul 80 % of global textures
    - Overhaul all firs normals, colors and imposters
    - Overhaul all meshes errors
    - Overhaul 70 % of meshes for optimisation
    - Overhaul ambiance lighting
    - Add 5 km of asphalt with 2 tunnels and a reservoir
    - Add the bus shelter (no collision for the moment, this mesh is a charpenter project and have no simplifications)
    - Remove the old space hole and create a new one in an other place
    (this space hole is not finished, only 70% approximate) Find the vortex!! ;)
    - Remove the brigdes near the big jump and replace by a nice road along the cliff.
    - Correct tire bursting problems with some collision meshes.
    - Correct some terrain shapes how broke the driving experience before
    - Delete the arena (make an other thing at this place later)
    - Add 2 different skybox
    - Add mountains background
    - Add AI working on all bridges and tunnels
    - Replace original aspen bushes by new models and textures.
    - Add a new ground cover
    - And add four differents version of the map

    And sorry I have killed the squirrel :(

    Problem know :
    -The long time to load the map.
    - Multi spawn only work on the main version of the map

    WARNING : you must delete all Altitude previous files in your mod folder and in the cache
    , in document/beamngDrive/cache, if you want no conflict!
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