Beta Airport Island 1.0

International Airport

  1. essej818
    This is Airport Island

    Here, you will find:
    • Full scale dual runway airport
    • Golf Course
    • Neighborhood
    • Gas Station
    • Mansions
    • Underground Hyper-loop
    • Dirt trails with mud
    • Old castle
    • Highway
    • AI compatible roads (Still buggy)
    • and more.
    All 3d models were created by myself excluding the airplane at the airport which was created by companion_3d on Turbosquid and any official BeamNG made content like trees and textures.

    The Hyper-loop has a hidden secret entrance that I will not disclose because I want you to explore and find it. I'm aware you can just cheat and fly the camera underground but whats the fun in that!

    Before you leave a rating, keep in mind this is a beta version. So any imperfections will be worked out in the future. I'm releasing it now because it is something fun in its current state. I still plan on adding to it.

    20200408114747_1.jpg 20200408115707_1.jpg 20200408120753_1.jpg 20200408120813_1.jpg 20200408120830_1.jpg 20200408120843_1.jpg 20200408120853_1.jpg 20200408120905_1.jpg 20200408120927_1.jpg 20200408121005_1.jpg 20200408121021_1.jpg 20200408121036_1.jpg 20200408121107_1.jpg 20200408121117_1.jpg 20200408121157_1.jpg 20200408121209_1.jpg 20200408121218_1.jpg 20200408121242_1.jpg 20200408121251_1.jpg 20200408121304_1.jpg 20200408121313_1.jpg 20200408121330_1.jpg 20200408121343_1.jpg 20200408121403_1.jpg airport.jpg conklin_airport_preview1.jpg conklin_airport_preview2.jpg conklin_airport_preview3.jpg spawns_airport_parking.jpg spawns_airport_runway.jpg spawns_dirt.jpg spawns_gas_station.jpg spawns_golf_course.jpg spawns_hanger.jpg spawns_house.jpg spawns_resort.jpg 20200407204254_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Craftyscout22
    Version: 1.0
    it's a good map, but i don't know where the hyperloop is
  2. Cwen209
    Version: 1.0
    Nice 787!
  3. Dylan Ch'ng
    Dylan Ch'ng
    Version: 1.0
    I liked this map. Something charming about being so simple and small. The hit box for the houses needs some work and I kinda of wish there was a multi story car park for the airport.
  4. unyxium
    Version: 1.0
    It's looking good but I can see that the airport itself needs some changes to make it more realistic. At the moment, I think it is a bit small (measured a runway to ~1km), but the terrain size may prevent you from making it any larger. Also, there are a lot of trees to close to the runway, which doesn't make it unusable, but certainly restrictive. Finally, some markings are missing from the runway and taxiways, e.g. holding position, taxiway centerlines, taxiway names.
  5. brianmoyano
    Version: 1.0
    I can't make this mod work, i don't know why. I added it from the repo and i also dropped the zip file into the mods folders, but it doesn't appear in my game
  6. Sithhy™
    Version: 1.0
    Always love a good map
  7. Tomcat22
    Version: 1.0
    So far, fantastic job!!
    Love it, can't wait to see what else you're going to add :)
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