Alpha Abandoned town 1.4

A abandoned town with some roads

  1. Semi big update

    WARNING BEFORE UPDATING: The map is no longer FPS friendly. So if you want a FPS friendly map, DO NOT UPDATE.

    I added trees to the race track and changed the surface to dirt. I also added some bumps to the track.

    Hope you enjoy the update. :D
  2. very tiny update

    Just some bug fixes. :D
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  3. Big update

    Finally! A new update that isn't just bug fixes. :)

    This time I added a dirt road with a broken bridge. (you need heavy duty suspension to get over the broken bridge)

    Also I added a W.I.P race track which will be used in a scenario once I find out how to make them. I will be adding stuff to the race track in the next few updates. But right now it's just a road and a start line.

    Also all the roads now have the correct effects and sounds. :D

    Also I renamed the .zip to the proper level...
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  4. Small update

    Fixed some more tire popping glitches and fixed the height of some buildings. :D
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  5. Tiny update

    Adds some more information about the map to the map select screen. :D
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  6. More stuff

    I expanded the map with a basic airport. (perfect for airplanes) I also made the hills more realistic and fixed some more issues.

    Hope you enjoy the update! :D
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  7. AI update

    Changed the height of some buildings and trees so they are not floating in the air. Also fixed AI crashing when driving directly from the spawn point. :D

    Also added AI support and some dirt roads.

    Also terrain is now twice as big and fixed the tire...
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  8. Map not loading patch

    Fixed the map loading as a gridmap.
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