Beta 96' Pessima Wagon 2.2

Enough for the whole family!

  1. bug fix

    fixed some conflicting parts
    fixed some mesh oopsies
  2. New stuff and some fixes

    woohoo content added in update 2.1:
    • Rally stuff: new skin, mudflaps, skidplate, lights, etc
    • 6 spd dual-clutch
    • Taxi parts and skin
    • Fixed taillights not breaking and trunk mesh missing
    • Fixed front lsd missing on sport config
    • 2 configs taxi and rally (duh)
    • I don't remember
    finaltaxi.jpg finalrally.jpg
    also the rollcage goes in the rear seats slot and the skidplate goes in the rollcage slot cuz then it would work with the sedan
    Have fun!
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