Outdated '96 Pessima Tuning Parts 1.5

A set of performance parts for the melty midsize.

  1. potwor12
    This simple mod adds various (some more realistic, some less) performance parts for the Mk2 Pessima, as well as a few configs to demonstrate the mod's capabilities, complete with full info files and all thumbnails. The part roster ranges from a simple sport intake to a set of racing brakes. Please note that some of the parts were ported from other vanilla vehicles, such are denoted in the parts list, and most don't have their own models. I highly recommend you use this pack with conjuction with other mods that add cosmetic parts or extra engines for optimum results.
    I4 engine parts:
    • Stage 1 Turbocharger - ported from Covet
    • Stage 2 Turbocharger - ported from Covet
    • Stage 3 VBT - ported from Covet
    • beRRy T400 Turbocharger - based on Stage 2
    • Pienji XR100 Turbocharger - based on Stage 1
    • Heavier Duty Block
    • Sport Intake - ported from LeGran
    V6 engine parts:
    • Sport Intake - ported from LeGran
    • Stage 1 Supercharger - ported from LeGran
    • Stage 2 Supercharger - ported from Gavril 4.5/5.5 V8 Stage 1
    • Stage 3 Supercharger - ported from Gavril 4.5/5.5 V8 Stage 2
    • Heavier Duty Block
    Generic parts:
    • 6-Speed Race Manual Transmission - ported from Covet
    • 6-Speed Race Sequential Transmission - based on '89 Pessima and Covet code
    • 6-speed Hakumai Manual Transmission
    • 6-speed Hakumai PowerShift Transmission
    • CVT Transmission - based on Sunburst code
    • High Performance Radiator
    • Straight-Piped Exhaust
    • Hakumai 2.4L DOHC HVC I4 engine - uses I4 intakes and its own ECUs (202 HP, stock torquecurve in images)
    • Hakumai 3.5L DOHC HVC V6 engine - uses V6 intakes and its own ECUs (265 HP, stock torquecurve in images)
    • Front/Rear Race Brakes - ported from '89 Pessima
    • Lowerable Struts - rough, recommended for static/show/ricer builds
    • Locking Wheel Hubs - selectable using Spindles slot
    • Locking Differential
    • Boost Needle - selectable using Additional Modification, displays from 0 to around 30 PSI, appears in fuel gauge
    • RPM Needle - selectable using Additional Modification, makes speedometer MPH scale work as RPM x100
    • Twin Stripe Livery
    • Black Roof/Hood Livery
    • CVT doesn't like Hakumai 2.4 engine, causes fatal exception
    • Stripes can't extend onto trunk (I think that's an issue with the UVs but not sure)
    • Sequential is kinda wack, works like just a slightly more aggressive manual
    • Feel free to report more bugs via PM if you find anything else!
    Don't repost this mod anywhere without my permission.
    Credits: BeamNG Team for the code of the original parts.
    Feel free to request or suggest anything you want!


    1. demo.jpg
    2. demo2.jpg
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    4. demo4.jpg
    5. screenshot_2020-08-23_19-23-03.png
    6. screenshot_2020-10-10_22-24-50.png
    7. screenshot_2020-10-10_22-25-58.png
    8. screenshot_2020-10-10_22-26-19.png
    9. 20201011123731_1.jpg
    10. 20210113231852_1.jpg
    11. screenshot_2021-01-13_23-12-17.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. androx
    Version: 1.35
    haha turbo go p o w p o w
  2. Pungpig2
    Version: 1.35
    Love it
  3. carsmin
    Version: 1.35
    Nice! wanted more parts and now i can make a ricer:P
  4. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.0
    If your midsize is melty, I'd recommend seeking medical help.
  5. pipelino
    Version: 1.0
    yey :D
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