Outdated 88 Pessima and ETK I Twotone pack. 1.5

Two colours are better than one.

  1. ETK update

    Some new skins are added to the new ETK I series. Yes the black and white one works with the colour selector. screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png
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  2. 1000 downloads special

    Thanks guys for 1000 downloads!

    This update includes two skins
    screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png


    BeamNG.Drive: for the covet driving school skin (parts used from that skin)

    And who ever owns the moss that I used on the moss skin.

    And of course myself for putting these ingredients into a pot and stiring them up to make a skin soup.
  3. drift update

    two new skins one tofu shop skin and one secret skin.
  4. edited some more files

    changed some file sizes.
  5. Three new skins with gold bottoms.

    Three new skins.
  6. fixed folder structure.

    changed the folder structure.
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