6x6 D-Series 1.2

Two new frames that support an extra axle, allowing for 6x6 builds

  1. New Extended 6x6 and many tweaks/enhancements!

    Welcome back!

    Based on the planned changes and feedback, here is a list of some of the things that have been changed/added!

    - New extended longbed 6x6 frame!
    - Added all normal rear hubs (5, 6, 8, and heavy 8 are all here!) to the rear rear axle! Nearly all wheels should be available, some 5lug will not appear, but the majority are all there.
    - Fixed bed trim for 6x6 beds
    - Added new heavy duty offroad coilovers
    - other tweaks/enhancements

    As before, mod wheels/tires will not appear on the rear rear axle unless they have reached out to me to work on adding support for the 6x6 in their mod.

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