65 quebecois high chaparal 352 1.1

a fun vintage 4x4 truck with a v8

  1. zenith1930s
    the new truck for 65 by quebecois. i took alot of inspiration from a 65 chevy so im sure thats not hard to tell but this one is supposed to be the mid level model with a medium sized V8 and nicer rims with lots of features and improvements apon the base version. i tried to actually make a decent looking and driving truck and i think it came out alright i dont know much on how old trucks ride along the road so if i didnt get that very right bear in mind i only know how cars were back then. i already have made the base model and top of the line one and if this one does good or someone wants it ill add the others. q4.png q3.png HiResPhoto1.png q1.png q2.png

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  1. 65 quebecois high chaparal 352
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