Outdated 6.0L and 6.7L Diesel for D-Series 1.7 patch, for game 0.14

The D-Series needs diesel options!

  1. 1.7 patch, for game 0.14

    - 2.75 ratio differentials have been converted to a 3.73 ratio as its a more realistic ratio for trucks.
    - Transmission ratios have been modified to avoid being too short for the diff ratio change to 3.73. Re-looked at truck transmission spec sheets for reference.
    - There are now two torque converters options for diesel auto transmissions, one for low torque output(non-turbo config) and one for high torque output(turbo config).
    - Transmissions have been separated out per engine type(Gas or...
  2. 1.6 patch, better sounds, fixes for 0.12

    -New diesel idle sound as well as sound config file overhauled
    -Updated hp/torque from exhaust power reductions from game update 0.12
    -New high flow exhaust part, output ranging from 4hp & 4lb of torque to 11hp & 13lb of torque increase depending on config
    -CVT transmission and weighted left and right toolbox for d-series bed. (standard, 300lbs & 600lbs options) cared over from add-on pack, additional add-on pack download no longer needed.
    -Overall engine torque has been reduced by about 9%,...
  3. Patch for game update 0.11, with sound tweaks

    Fixes issues with rear diff and leaking exhaust from engine bay, since the new game update 0.11. Also comes with some sound tweaks.
  4. Rear upgraded heavy duty brakes weren't showing up on configs

    Rear heavy duty diesel brakes weren't showing up on desired configs. Fixed!

    Upgraded brakes now found on the following configs:
  5. Diesel Parts for H-series(Van), Brakes enhanced for diesel, Sounds tweaks

    H-series(Van) gets diesel engines, transmissions and diff options.
    Never seen an ambulance that didn't have a diesel engine, :)
    Heavy duty brakes for diesel upgraded:
    Front are about 10% strong and more resistant to brake fade.
    Rear are about 20% strong and more resistant to brake fade
    Possible high pitch sounds from idle fixed.

    Rear brake upgraded more then front as it was desperately needed with a loaded rear end. Brakes still feel balanced and lock up in front first typically.
  6. New diesel configurations, Turbo spooling sounds and much more

    - Added 3 new stock diesel d-series configurations (Now 5 in total)
    - Added turbo spooling sounds
    - Stock configurations have had a 8% detune (Attempting to make more realistic for time period)
    - More dynamic fuel economy
    - Added a 2.75 ratio open diff to rear
    - Improved automatic transmissions smoothness while driving at low throttle
    - Redline now acts more like a rev governor
  7. Improved diesel sounds, compatible with beamng update 0.10

    - New diesel sounds across all rpm range for diesel 6.0L and 6.7L.
    - Converted transmissions to use new beamng update 0.10 standard.
    - Fixed problem caused by beamng update 0.10. of auto transmission being slow to up shift.

    For bonus content - experimental transmissions and more now.
    - added weighted left and right toolbox for d-series bed. (standard, 300lbs & 600lbs options)
    This can aid in better rear traction, and also help stabilize the truck when towing heavy trailer (Just an added...
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  8. Cleaned up mod folder

    Cleaned up mod folder of conflicts
  9. Cleaned up mod folder and increased engine braking

    Cleaned up mod folder and increased engine retarding forces for better engine braking when off throttle.
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