Outdated 50 PSI Turbocharger for Cherrier FCV 2.0 diesel 2.0

Features : "I4 2.0 Tuned Diesel Engine", variable boost turbocharger (12-50 PSI), ajustable ECU.

  1. Hugo Saini
    screenshot_2020-07-14_19-01-16.png screenshot_2020-07-14_19-01-16.png
    This mod includes a new "Tuned I4 2.0 Diesel Engine" for the Chierrier FCV. It's basically the same as the standard one but you can add more parts such as an ajustable ECU, a new tuned exhaust (supposed to be louder, called "Loud exhaust") and a variable boost turbocharger (12-50 PSI).
    The first configuration is now available, make sure to update your mod if you downloaded it before the 2.0 update !


    Please be indulgent, this is my first ever mod !!

Recent Reviews

  1. callum450
    Version: 1.2
    thx for the fix
  2. callum450
    Version: 1.0
    mate this its a very good mod. good work also iam ur 1st download nice
    1. Hugo Saini
      Author's Response
      Thanks ! I fixed the air filter issue so I might update it soon and I'm currently working on a bigger turbo 3D model !
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