Unsupported 3.0 Vulcan V6 From A Ranger V0.3

Adds the smaller V6 from a ranger to 5 vanilla vehicles

  1. Available to new Pessima and Moonhawk - New Pessima has WIP Turbo

    I am finally going to work on this mod :D
    I just made this engine available to the new pessima and the moonhawk
    I am working on a turbo which you can check out in the New Pessima
  2. Supercharger+Older Pessima

    Supercharger adds 60hp and 80 torque
    now available in older pessima
  3. Manual Transmission Added

    this transmission again is based off the year 05 so depending on the year the gearing changes, the 05's gearing maintains a level drop off from 2500 rpm to about 1750 while changing when going from 4th to 5th (2500rpm to 2krpm)
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