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Beta 280 MPH Drag Pickup 7.20.0

An extremely fast 280 MPH drag pickup and some other veichles parts

  1. Burnside

    Addition of a Drag Burnside and Burnside parts. Most likely last update to mod.
  2. Addition of Car and Moving Of Semi To Different Mod

    I added some Vivace configurations and parts. Fine tunned the rest of the mod and moved the semi to a different mod.
  3. ETK800 Complete Remodel For Max Speed Of 338 MPH

    Completely rebuilt the etk800, added new parts, now it goes 338 MPH with out blowing up

    Fixed fuel and tires on drag truck
  4. Fixed All Engines

    I fixed all engines with torque specs and smoke production.
  5. 300 MPH ETK

    Added a 300 MPH ETK
  6. New Radiator

    Added the radiator I forgot to in the last update.
  7. Part Relocation

    Took parts out of mod that belong more in my other mod
  8. More Parts

    • Added Gas Engine Turbo
    • Diesel Engine for Bluebuck
    • Engine For Semi That Roals More Coal


    1. DieselDrag.png
    2. DieselShowTruck.png
    3. OffroadSmoke.png
    4. OldstyleDiesel.png
    5. RunAround.png
    6. StreetSmoke.png
    7. TheOffroad.png
    8. TheUltimateDrag.png
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