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2077 Civetta SP12 1.0

Street Legal Missile

  1. killercar34
    The Civetta SP12 is a Supercar designed to be fast in both straightaways and corners, and creating a street legal car that does both is much harder then you think. Cars that are fast in straightaways usually have engines with monstrous amounts of horsepower, which means that even thinking about going near the throttle in a bend will make the car spin out, and cars that are fast in corners either have very little horsepower so drivers can go through most bends at full throttle, or they have so much down force that the car eventually pushes it's own chassis into the asphalt. The SP12 does have a monstrous amount of power from it's 8.8L V12, 851 to be exact, and a little bit of downforce, so in theory this car will be fast around a track. Are you brave enough, or in this case crazy enough, to put that theory to the test?


    1. CivettaSP12.png
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