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2076 Sparrow Amethyst 1.0

Classic Styling with a Cyberpunk Twist

  1. killercar34
    Sparrow, a old British Car Manufacturer, loves making cars that are older then they look by holding onto one body style for as long as possible, and their newest car, the Amethyst, is proof that they haven't changed that mindset to the slightest degree. Inspired by 1940s and 50s Luxury Cars, the Sparrow Amethyst is a 2 door Drop Top designed for cruising down two lane back roads while the sun is setting. Powered by a 324hp 5.0L V8 that's coupled to a 8 speed automatic transmission, the Amethyst is a car you put in drive and watch the hours fly by as you go on a road trip with a few friends.


    1. SparrowAmethyst.png
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