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2075 Bruckell Butcher Custom 1.0

The Ambulance no one wants to be picked up in

  1. killercar34
    Quick note: This car is the final one of 9 that was suppose to be in Cyberpunk Inspired Car Pack, however, due to my own incompetence and lack of understanding of files, I am unable to figure out how to put all of the cars into to pack in order to upload all of them at once, so instead, I have uploaded them over the past week a few at a time. I hope you enjoyed all of my Cyberpunk Cars, maybe I'll make more in the future.

    The Bruckell Butcher Custom is a completely custom Ambulance/Hearse turned into a heavily armored Limousine by a gang called "The Surgeons," a group of Doctors who like to experiment with Cybernetic Enhancements to an extent that would make most of society gag. The leader, Dr. Niven, built this custom limo out of 10 different Hearses and/or Ambulances, with the base being a 1970 Bruckell Croaker Ambulance. It's been heavily reinforced and upgraded too, equipped with oddities such as bulletproof body panels, windows, and tires, twin 7.62 mm Caliber belt fed Machine Guns mounted on the hood, a reinforced plow on the front of the Butcher, a 554hp 6.0L DOHC V8, and a 8 speed automatic transmission that will allow this 7,120 pound beast to reach 190mph! (Though it will take a while to reach that speed)


    1. BruckellButcherCustom.png
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