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2056 Gavril MS-Series Custom 1.0

Drive like your possessed.

  1. killercar34
    The Gavril MS-Series is a COE Commercial Van that the public fell in love with. It was dirt cheap compared to other vans, was extremely reliable, and could easily be converted into things such as Mini-vans, RVs, and some people even turned them into pickup trucks! However, this MS-Series is fully custom. It's been given a completely different front end, a custom Orange and Black paint job, and the previous owner even threw out the old 3.0L I6 and replaced it with a 300hp 4.3L V8. After a few years of ownership, the previous owners decided to sell it after a rear tire blew and the van flew off a cliff and crashed into a garage. As a result, the suspension isn't as tight as it once was, and the handling is very sloppy. Just be warned, the previous owner did warn that this van dies when you need it most, like if you're being chased by a flaming Dekotora Truck for instance.


    1. GavrilMS-SeriesCustom.png
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