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2037 Bruckell Hauler Custom 1.0

No one expects a van to be fast

  1. killercar34
    The Bruckell Hauler is nothing more then your average cargo van. Big de-tuned V8 up front, plenty of space in the back, that kind of thing. But this particular Hauler isn't exactly stock. This 5.7L V8 Van has been given major upgrades such as a racing exhaust system, racing cams, a bigger throttle body, a plastic front splitter, a Mightyflex wing, a headlight intake for the oil cooler, a interior roll cage, aftermarket wheels, sport tires, and carbon ceramic brakes. It's not the fastest van on planet earth, but it's quick enough to surprise people who think it's just a riced out work van.


    1. BruckellHaulerCustom.png
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