Beta 2023 Phoenix Inferno 1.1

The new replacement for the Phoenix Nemesis

  1. Phoenix Motor Group
    2023 Phoenix Inferno Specs
    Engine: 5.0L Phoenix Twin-Turbo V8
    Horsepower: 998
    Torque: 801 lbs.-ft
    Top Speed: 214 mph
    0-60: 2.3secs
    Transmission: 7-Speed Dual-Clutch
    Drivetrain: RWD
    others: a track spec version is to come at a later date
    Photo7_1920-1080.png Photo8_1920-1080.png Photo9_1920-1080.png Photo6_1920-1080.png Photo10_1920-1080.png Photo11_1920-1080.png

Recent Updates

  1. minor body update

Recent Reviews

  1. Duh anime addict
    Duh anime addict
    Version: 1.0
    mclaren vibes
    1. Phoenix Motor Group
      Author's Response
      i mean i did use a mclaren body lol
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