2022 Galactis Estado 1.0

Modern 4-Door Sports Sedan - From Boring To 1400hp Racecar

  1. Jörge-Martines
    The third generation Galactis Estado started out as the simple sports sedan it had always been. However, when it became clear that sales were up uncannily high, they started to expand the model range. Heavily.

    This mod consists of all 6 trims of the Estado in one zip file.
    2 Of these trims have a variation of the Galactis 3.0 I6T, 1 has an electric system, and the remaining 3 use a V8.
    All trims come standard with AWD and functioning 4 wheel steering in BeamNG.
    The power ranges from 248hp in the base model to 1412hp in the MPE-1 racing package. Follwing this will be a list compiling the basic stats of all trims.

    Estado Base: 3.0 I6T, 248hp, AWD-4WS, 7 Speed DCT, 2000kg dry

    Estado Sport: 3.0 I6T, 474hp, AWD-4WS, 7 Speed DCT, 2100kg dry

    Estado E: 4 Electric Motors, 500hp, AWD-4WS, Single Speed, 2100kg dry

    Estado GT: 3.5 V8T CP, 474hp, AWD-4WS, 7 Speed DCT, 2200kg dry

    Estado RTech: 6.0 V8 FP, 802hp, AWD-4WS, 7 Speed DCT, 1700kg dry

    Estado RTech MPE-1 Racing Car: 6.0 V8T FP, 1412hp, AWD-4WS, 7 Speed Sequential, 1700kg dry

    All in all, an all-inclusive package for whatever on-road style of driving you want. Hell, take it off-road if you want, just have a spare spine in the boot.
    This was sort of a test canvas for us to test new design language and jbeaming sorcery, therefore the quirky 4 wheel steering shtick.

    Have fun!
    (Designed and engineered/jbeamed by Wo Llank)

Recent Reviews

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    Rumble (Sunburst)
    Version: 1.0
    I love the way it drives and all wheel steering is a good ideea for a car like this.. just not on every trim. I get that sportier trims need it but regular street trims.. dont. Other than that... I feel like it could use a serious remaster with more Jbeaming involved
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