2022 Galactis Elysium 1.0

Modern supercar with the humbleness and price of a sports car - Working interior

  1. Jörge-Martines
    So, you've got 60 grand in your hypothetical hyperinflation-size piggy bank, and you want a supercar. Slim pickings, eh? Not anymore. The Galactis Elysium range provides supercar speed and fun for the price of a mid-range luxury car.
    Would you rather be floating along in your public display of age and beige, or zipping around in an open-top aluminum bucket of adrenaline? Thought so.

    The car comes in three variants: A standard model with an inline 4, an open-top roadster track-focused model with an inline 4, and if you really feel like feeling envoirnmentally friendly, you can go with the hybrid version..... with an inline 4.
    All trims have been extensively jbeamed. All variants come with fully functional pedals, steering wheel, gauges and clock. Sound is tuned to sound sportier than the cars this engine normally goes into.

    Following are the stats and pictures of the 3 trims.

    Elysium (base) -2.0L TC Inline 4, 282hp -RWD, 6 speed DCT -fuel consumption: 5.2L/100km -weight: 1350kg -top speed: ~285km/h -price: 35k (edited)

    Elysium Spyder R -2.0L TC Inline 4, 447hp -RWD, 7 speed DCT -fuel consumption: 8.7L/100km -weight: 1300kg -top speed: ~360m/h -price: 65k

    Elysium hybrid -2.0L TC Inline 4, 338hp -RWD, 7 speed DCT -FWD 200hp electric motor -15kWh battery pack -fuel consumption: 2.6L/100km -weight: 1350kg -top speed: ~335km/h -price: 55k (edited)

    Have fun!
    (Designed by SupraWip, Engineered/Jbeamed by Wo llank)
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