2022 Advant Mulsanne GTi 1.0

The ULTIMATE French Hatchback

  1. Bryan Wold
    The Top of the line Mulsanne Model, the ultimate performer of French Hot Hatch in the Modern Market!
    Uses a ground up Engine made specifically for this trim, a 3.3 Boxer 4 making 360 HP at 7600 RPM, from a DOHC 16v layout, all Aluminum. Stiffer Suspension and the only Mulsanne trim to offer AWD. Light blue upholstery like the Heritage Edition, Bucket seats, aggressive styling on the front with fog lights, functional Spoiler, premium headlights, and a 6 speed Manual.
    Fleur-de-lis lily on the front fenders as homage to the 70's Mulsanne GTi.

    $53500 msrp.


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Recent Reviews

  1. [#H7dr4_27](UA)
    Version: 1.0
    Acceleration is faster than I expected! I can recomend You to lower the brakes type, but make same brake force
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