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Beta 2021 Oslo O5e Sportline 1.0

A Brand New Look For Oslo's Ageing Rodus Rival.

  1. LightningDued5
    Screenshot21.png Screenshot22.png Screenshot23.png Screenshot24.png Screenshot25.png Screenshot26.png Screenshot27.png

    This Is The 2021 Oslo O5e.

    The O5e Is A Sub Model Of The O5, Coming In Either Hybrid Or Electric
    Variants. This One In Particular Is The Hybrid Sportline.

    The O5 And O5e Got A Mid Life Facelift In June 2021, Adding New Front And Rear Fascia And An Updated Interior.

    3.0l Turbo I6, 220kw (300hp) + Dual Electric Motors, 68kw (100p)
    Combined Power Of 400hp.
    0 - 100km/h 5.2s.

    Price: $40 000 usd
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