Beta 2020 Watson Serpent 1.0

A modern day supercar with classic design elements

  1. megaWatson
    The goal was to design a modern car with some classic styling touches. It's mostly inspired by the Le Mans racers of the 60s; in fact, it actually uses a body straight out of the 60s. The design is meant to be breathtaking yet elegant.

    It also has some nice performance numbers to back up its looks. Its power plant is undoubtedly like a race engine. It's a naturally aspirated 6.0L V10 with 839 hp, 534 lb-ft of torque, high responsiveness, a 10000 RPM red line, and a great sound.

    This, along with AWD, a 7-speed DCT, wide semi-slick tires, and a weight of only 2773 lbs, makes this an impressive performer. The blast to 60 mph takes a mere 2.1 seconds. Flat out, it will do 201 mph, even with the roof down.

    The power split is set to eliminate as much over steer and especially as much under steer as possible. The biggest potential issue is probably the car's tendency to break loose at high speeds, due to relatively low down force. Mind you, the car is still pretty controllable despite this. As this car is mostly about style, I went with a cleaner look rather than adding spoilers.

    Let me know what you think!


    1. HighresScreenshot00005.png
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