Alpha 2018 PyeongKeong GD200I 1.0

Has fancy auto mirror technology!

  1. Shadowdragon94
    Introducing the new PyeongKeong UJ200; first car to be sold in the US as a result of the kim-trump summit allowing NK vehicle brand pyeongkeong to sell vehicles in canada and the US. The vehicle is shown in the mid-range SE trim,here are the features:
    2.9L V6 engine making 157 horsepower- it's even faster than a hirochi!

    vehicle has a fast and efficent 4-speed automatic transmission through front wheel drive

    car comes with grey cloth seating,power mirrors,power door locks,auto-dimming rearview mirror is an option

    23 MPG combined

    ajustable front seats able to go back and forward and tilting backrest

    A/C and heating standard, same with CD player and AUX usability.

    halogen projector headlights

    -----SEL trim options-----
    8-spoke alloy wheels

    xenon headlights

    fog lights

    power seats

    alarm system

    bluetooth infotainment system

    sport compound tires

    vehicle coming soon to repository.

    vehicle featured with "desert sunset tan" colour.
    other colours avaliable:
    communism red
    diplomatic maroon
    harvest gold(yellowish)
    forest green
    tuxedo black
    snow white
    factory clean silver
    HighresScreenshot00020.png HighresScreenshot00015.png HighresScreenshot00017.png HighresScreenshot00019.png HighresScreenshot00016.png HighresScreenshot00018.png
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