2015 Vol TR1 Tracker 1.0

A British MR hypercar, 2100hp with high downforce and huge tires to control it.

  1. Spec Racer Z
    The Vol TR1 Tracker is a 2100hp MR hypercar inspired by British automakers with a few other styling cues mixed in. It has a 7-speed sequential gearbox and is equipped with ESC and ABS to help tame the beast if you need it. A good number of hours were spent exporting test versions and fine tuning the car so that the car would feel good to drive and be tameable (by the driver or the ESC system) despite all that power.

    It was built specifically for BeamNG so a few liberties were taken with engineering times and marketability, but I'll justify it as a barely street legal track car for hyper rich company loyalists with a passion for racetracks. Default color is Cool Grey.

    screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00018.png screenshot_00019.png screenshot_00024.png

Recent Reviews

  1. primo3001
    Version: 1.0
    It looks great and it can be really fun to drive when you are careful, BUT... I had problems with rear brakes. They overheat very fast during longer races. I think you should use ventilated discs. Secon thing is that... It is not that fast for 2100 HP xD I made a race on the long straight line, and my 1500 HP Hypercar was a lot faster, and much much easier to tame. My car is AWD maybe that is the advantage :D But honestly I realy like your car and the only imperfection are the rear brakes :D
    1. Spec Racer Z
      Author's Response
      I believe they improved the turbo simulation when exporting from Automation sometime after I'd already uploaded this. It may be faster if I update it, but I'm expecting I'll need to retune things if I do so.
  2. Hawkins
    Version: 1.0
    Its only downside is the lack of grip... but it can easily be fixed by changing the gravity form -9.8 to around -20 (-20.50 I think works perfectly) for a nice smooth ride.
  3. BaldurIsCool
    Version: 1.0
    Just what Beam.NG needed. A British hypercar that performs well, looks good and has an engine sound that scares me a little.
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